FINKERNAGEL is a successful family-owned company with an internationally accredited position in the marketplace. The board of management requires all staff to actively engage in the implementation of company strategy:

Customer satisfaction / Orientation
FINKERNAGEL stands for high-performance and high-quality products, prompt delivery and expert service. We aim to fulfil all the requirements of our customers in long-term partnerships in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System
FINKERNAGEL products are manufactured according to state-of-the-art standards and conform to the highest quality demands. It is our aim to maintain and expand this quality standard through constant improvement at all levels of the organisation.

Employee qualification/ Occupational safety
Qualified and motivated staff identify with our quality strategy and accept a high degree of self-responsibility for its implementation. Our employees are constantly increasing their expertise through active involvement and regular on-the-job training. The safety of our employees in the workplace is fundamental. We aim to constantly expand and improve occupational safety standards on site.

FINKERNAGEL protects the environment by using of state-of-the-art facilities. We are keen to fulfil the expectations of our partners in terms of sustainable business. We therefore demand that our employees take responsibility for our environment and we are working on improving our company's environmental protection record overall.

FINKERNAGEL has mastered the art of processing. It is our aim to continuously update and develop our processing guidelines.

Continuous improvement
FINKERNAGEL products, processes and facilities are being constantly improved and modernised. We intend to maintain and further expand our leading market position with pioneering business solutions.

FINKERNAGEL has long-term relations with qualified and reliable suppliers. We aim to meet new requirements in close cooperation with our suppliers so that we can progress together.